Hillary Johns, Attorney At Law

    Trial Attorneys At Your Service 

Trial Attorneys At Your Service

Hillary Johns, Attorney At Law, provides civil and family law legal services to its clients through trial.  Our goal is to guide our clients through the legal process and to make their lives go more smoothly, when possible.

Trial Lawyer

Ms. Johns has more than twenty years of civil  and family law trial experience.  She represents clients through trial with an eye towards achieving clients' goals in a cost effective manner.

Contract Negotiations

A well negotiated agreement can save clients time and money.  It can also prevent future problems and give clients the security and peace of mind to go on with their daily lives.  Hillary Johns, Attorney At Law works with clients to prepare well drafted agreements to meet each client's needs and goals.

Family Law Lawyer

Ms. Johns has over twenty years of experience in handling family law trials and litigation.  Ms. Johns and her staff guide their clients through the divorce process to obtain livable solutions.